Coronavirus: COVID-19 Total Cases: 231555985
Total Deaths: 4743196 Total Recovered: 0

Coronavirus (COVID-19) 231555985 cases & 4743196 deaths

Live Data & Statistics about Coronavirus. 231555985 confirmed cases, 0 recovered / discharged cases, 4743196 deaths & 226812789 active cases worldwide. There is currently no vaccine to prevent Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The best way to prevent illness is to maintain social distancing and not get anxious. Relax and have a drink.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube censor Capitol Hill Press Conference on massive Corona disinformation

Facebook has removed a video posted earlier today by Breitbart News, the world's highest-performing Facebook post on Monday afternoon, from a press conference in DC held by the group of America's Frontline Doctors organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots. At the press conference, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and primary care physicians present who provided their views and opinions on coronavirus and the medical response to the pandemic. YouTube (owned by Google) and Twitter subsequently also removed images from the press conference. We don't even need to mention that it is an alternative Corona story than the irrational official story. There were times when only a message like this would win the majority and show what's going on here. Man evolves. Also in knowledge. However? 2020? The video has seen more than 17 million views during the eight hours that it has been hosted on Facebook, with more than 185,000 simultaneous viewers. Thanks to an attentive viewer and the luck that we saw the mail in time among the dozens of other mails, we were able to get the video. We saved. Also put on YouTube, but then hidden. Immediately removed. Instant. Then use some server space and place it via our own player: Video player 00:00 43:00 The event, organized by the organization Americas Frontline Doctors, a group founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified physician and lawyer, and made up of physicians, came together to discuss what the group calls a “massive disinformation campaign” about the coronavirus. Norman also spoke at the event. "If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities take over, the great American experiment of a constitutional republic with representative democracy will end," the event's information page said. The event was organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots. .
Jul 29, 2020, 9:35 pm
source: Breitbart News

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